The cooling of the pellet is an indispensable process in the feed pellet machine granulation. Counter flow cooler can cool the pelleting material from feed pellet machine up to 70℃ ~ 90℃ to a little higher than room temperature 3℃ ~ 5℃. It also can reduce the safe water content (≤12.5%), so as to facilitate the transportation and storage of pelleting material.

counter flow cooler

Fusmar Machinery manufactured different types of counter flow cooler. Different models have different yields, it can use in feed pellet plant of all sizes.

A New Type Of Counter Flow Cooler

The counter flow cooler is a new type of cooler popular in the world. It uses the principle of counter flow cooling to cool high temperature and high humidity pellets. That is, the ambient cold air passes vertically through the layer, first contact with cold material, a hot wind that gradually heats up is in contact with the hot material, so that the particles gradually cooling in the direction.

It can avoid direct contact between cold air and high-temperature pellets in the cooler, thereby causing pellet surface cracking caused by quenching of the pellets. Due to the cold air entering the cooler from the bottom in an all-round way, the air inlet area is large and the utilization rate of the cold air is high. Therefore, the cooling effect is remarkable, this machine has low energy consumption and simple operation. Therefore, the counter flow cooler is an upgrade product superior to the previous vertical and horizontal cooler.

counter flow cooler

The Cooling Process Of The Counter Flow Cooler

The hot and wet pellets pressed through the feed pellet machine enter the inlet of the closed air feeder at the top of the cooler. Through the closed air feeder and the conical shaped granule feeder make the pellet separated. The pellets flow into the silo body from the front, the rear, the left, the right, and the middle of the silo.

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The Pellets Gradually Accumulate 

At the beginning, the pellets gradually accumulate. When the material filled in the silo. The material contacts the upper feeder, the motor switched on and then began to work. The motor drives the discharge frame to make the left and right reciprocating motion through reducer and eccentric mechanism.

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Reciprocating Discharge Process

During the reciprocating discharge process. When the relative position between the movable discharge frame and the fixed frame reaches a certain level. The material falls from the silo body, then discharged through the gap between the movable discharge frame and the fixed frame. The hopper does not discharge when the relative positions of the movable discharge frame and the fixed frame staggered. The material intermittently discharged outside the machine during the reciprocating process. This discharge is larger than the feed, the granular material in the machine is lowered to the lower position. When the device stopped, the motor stops rotating and the discharge stops accordingly. If it was ready to contact the upper feeder, it starts working again.

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The Role Of The Fan In The Cooling Process

During the whole working process, the fan is always open. Because the material flows from top to bottom, and the wind is opposite to the flow direction of the material. Flowing from bottom to top, and cold the materials. In contact with the hot air, the hot air is in contact with the hot material, so this type of cooler called a counter flow cooler. Since the pellet temperature and moisture in the silo are both high. The material stays in the silo body for a period of time. Through the suction of the fan, the natural air enters from the bottom and passes through the material layer in the silo body for heat exchange. At the same time, the fan and the wind take away the heat and moisture of the material to cool the material and reduce the water.

Hope this article can help you learn more about counter flow cooler, if you want to build your own feed pellet plant, please contact us.