The animal feed mixer machine has very important influences on the quality of the animal feed. Because it can decide the raw material ratio, and this ratio can have a great effect on the feed favors.

Our company Fusmar is a professional animal feed mixer machine manufacturer, with about 15 years of development, we have many large and small animal feed pellet production line in the world.

Many of our customers usually ask us how to improve the production line efficiency, improving the efficiency of the animal feed mixer machine is one of our suggestions.

Below are our tips about how to improve the animal feed mixer machine efficiency:

1. Types Of The Animal Feed Mixer Machine

Each feed mixer has corresponding technical parameters. For example, vertical feed mixers and single-shaft twin-screw mixers are commonly used to mix dry powder feedstock. If you need to add liquid, you can use a twin-shaft paddle mixer. So for farmers, your feed ingredients will determine which type of blender you can use.

verticle feed mixer

2. The Rotation Speed Of The Animal Feed Mixer Machine

Generally speaking, the rotation speed of the drum type feed mixer is 21. In fact, the rotation speed generally refers to the stirring time, the vertical mixer stirs a batch of material for about 15 minutes, the horizontal spiral belt mixer keeps for 3 minutes, and the double shaft paddle The mixer stirs time faster. Of course, the mixing factor of the feed materials for each feed mixer is different. For example, a rotary drum feed mixer takes longer to mix, but has a higher mixing factor.

animal feed mixer machine

3. The Number Of The Raw Material

Feed processing, in general, feed mixers use more than 3 in the process of feed ingredients, the physical material of the material, the smaller the difference, the greater the possibility of mixing after mixing raw materials, of course, it is not easy to separate, but not easy, but If the physical difference is too large, it will affect the mixing effect of the feed mixer.

animal feed mixer machine

4. The Order Of The Raw Materials Feeding

If the raw materials are mixed in a certain proportion, then the small series is recommended to feed the mixer, input a large proportion of raw materials, and then put a small proportion of trace elements or other nutrients. If the order is reversed, it is likely that the mixing effect of the raw materials is not very good.

animal feed pellets

Hope above tips can help you to know how to improve the animal feed mixing machine efficiency. Certainly, there are also some other influencing factors to improve efficiency, please contact us for more information. Our engineer will contact you asap.