The feed hammer mill is a kind of machine that uses a high-speed rotating hammer to crush feed. Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery is a professional feed crusher manufacturer. This article will introduce the application of the feed crushing machine in detail.

Application Of The Feed Hammer Mill

The feed hammer mill is a necessary equipment for many industries in the early stage. Especially in the pharmaceutical, feed, food, paint and chemical industries. It has wide versatility, can adjust the fineness of crushing, has the advantages of high production efficiency, low energy consumption, safe use, and convenient maintenance, so it has won the favor of all walks of life.

feed hammer mill

Performance Characteristics Of The Feed Hammer Mill

Hammer mill is the most widely used feed grinder. It has good versatility. Some hammers and rotors handed over. After metal foreign matter enters the crusher, it only breaks the screen and there is no major accident. The structure consists of a feeding mechanism, a crushing chamber (rotor, hammer, sieve, tooth plate), a discharge part (fan, a collecting cylinder, a dust collecting bag). During operation, the feed enters the crushing from the feeding mechanism. The chamber flies toward the tooth plate under the impact of the high-speed rotary hammer.

After the collision with the tooth plate, it is hit again by the hammer. At the same time, between the sieve surface and the hammer, the feed strongly rubbed, and the blow repeated. Under the action of collision and friction, the feed gradually crushed, The crusher without a fan discharges the crushed material through the mesh hole by the air flow in the crushing chamber. After the crusher with a fan extracts the crushed material from the sieve hole, the air in the mixed gas stream separated from the pulverization by a powder collecting device (such as a collecting cylinder, a dust collecting bag, etc.).

A strong airflow drove the high-speed shearing and hammering to obtain the desired filtration powder through a stainless steel screen. The device provided with a dust suction device and free from powder contamination. It has the characteristics of low temperature, low noise, and high efficiency.

feed crushing machine

Hammer Mill Divided According To Feeding Method

Tangential. The feed from the tangential direction of the crushing chamber. It has good versatility, not only crushing the grain but also crushing the small bean cake, chopped stems, and pasture.

Axial. The feed enters the crushing chamber from the direction of the main shaft, which is suitable for crushing the grain, but after the slice fed to the inlet, the grass, the stem and the like can crush.

Radial. The feed enters the crushing chamber from the top of the rotor. The rotor can use in both forward and reverse directions. The hammer can replace twice, which is mainly suitable for processing concentrate.

Efficiency Improvement Plan Of The Machine

  1. Minimize the gap between the hammer and the tooth plate or the sieve. The smaller the gap between the hammer and the tooth plate or the sieve, the higher the frequency of the hammer impacting the material, and the slower the circulation speed. Thereby improving the pulverization efficiency.
  2. The auxiliary measures can effectively improve the working efficiency of the crusher. The extraction system added in the crushing process to make the material easier to pass through the sieve hole, improve the screening efficiency of the crusher and reduce the pressure of the crushing section.
  3. Fine pulverization and ultrafine pulverization.The micro pulverization and ultrafine pulverization require the hammer millto operate at higher line speed. However, the higher the line speed of the crusher, the greater the noise, the smaller the safety factor, and the design is limited. The fine pulverization requires a sieve having a pore size of 1 mm or less, or even 0.5 or less. The micro-grinder achieves such fineness standards with low efficiency and high power consumption.

feed crushing machine

Machine Selection Skills

  1. Firstly, according to theproduct required ofthickness, select the series of crushers that match the line speed of the hammer. If the line speed of the hammer does not match, the working efficiency of the crusher will reduce, and even the crusher will not work normally. Slow line speed will cause a long crushing time so that the materials piled up in the crushing room. Causing paste screen, reducing the sieving efficiency and sieving effect. Increasing the resistance of the hammer movement, causing the pulverizer to work abnormally. The line speed is too fast, which will cause smashing pellet size uneven and wasted power consumption.
  2. Select the crusher according to the output required by the production scale. The size of the crusher determines the size of the output. According to the configuration of the crushing process, the output of the selected crusher should be greater than 10% of the designed output.

Choosing a suitable feed hammer mill and using it properly will significantly improve the quality of feed. It will soon reflect a benign effect in the production process. If you can further master the technology of crushing, you can also reduce the cost of materials, thereby increasing the profits.

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