Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery is a professional horizontal feed mixer manufacturer, this article will introduce biaxial efficient mixer in detail.

Why Choose The Biaxial Efficient Ribbon Mixer

A mixer is a mechanical device that uniformly mixes two or more materials through mechanical force, gravity, and the like. In the process of mixing, it is possible to increase the surface contact area of the material to promote the chemical reaction; it can also accelerate the physical change.

The biaxial efficient mixer is a new type of high-efficiency and high-precision pellet mixing equipment. It is widely used in the mixing of various powder pellets in chemical, pesticide, dye, medicine, food, feed, petroleum, metallurgical and mining industries.

horizontal feed mixer

Horizontal Feed Mixer Main Features

  1. Advanced structure, convenient operation, and safety.
  2. The mixing speed is fast and the quality is uniform. The double helix of the machine is asymmetrically arranged, and the large and small ones expand the mixing range. So it is more suitable for the mixing of materials with a large specific gravity ratio and disparity.
  3. The energy-saving effect is remarkable, and the energy consumption of this machine is only one-tenth compared with the drum type-mixer.
  4. The wear and pressure feeding of the granular material is small, and the superheat reaction of the heat-sensitive material does not occur.
  5. The mixed preparation is stable without delamination and segregation.
  6. This machine is sealed without dust, easy to operate, convenient to maintain, and long in service life. In addition, the cone can make it into a pressure vessel for pressurization or vacuum operation according to user requirements.
  7. The autobiography and revolution of this machine are completed by a set of motor and cycloidal needle reducer.

biaxial efficient mixer

Working Principle Of Horizontal Feed Mixer

  1. The pellets move around the wall of the cone due to the revolution of the biaxial.
  2. Due to the auto-transmission of the spiral blade, the powder is discharged radially toward the center of the cone.
  3. The powder flows upward from the bottom of the cone and discharged to the outer peripheral surface of the spiral for material mixing.
  4. The downward flow of the particles caused by the spiral rotation is precisely due to the combination of the revolution and the rotation of the spiral in the mixer, forming four kinds of flow forms of the powder: convective, shearing, diffusion, and infiltration. Therefore, the powder can quickly reach uniform mixing in the mixer.

How To Use A Horizontal Feed Mixer

When mixing powder or granular materials, the horizontal mixer selected. The mixing efficiency is high, the mixing quality is good, the discharging time is short, and the residual amount is small. However, the following points should note when selecting and using a horizontal feed mixer.

horizontal feed mixer

Note Needs Atteniton

  1. Select the horizontal feed mixer according to the daily production volume. Because the processing time of each batch of material in the mixer is about 10 minutes, plus the time of discharging and feeding. The processing time of each batch can 15 minutes, then 4 batches can process continuously for 1 hour. If you choose a mixer with a processing capacity of 100 kg per batch, you can process 400 kg/h. Users can choose a horizontal feed mixer according to their needs.
  2. According to the working principle of the horizontal ribbon mixer, the ability of the double spiral belt for stirring and mixing to push the material in the opposite direction should basically the same. Since the pitch of the inner spiral ribbon should small than that of the outer spiral ribbon, the pitch of the inner spiral ribbon should small than that of the outer spiral belt, and the width should large than the outer spiral belt. Otherwise, the material will concentrate in one direction. Therefore, pay attention to this when selecting a horizontal mixer.

The Other Attention

  1. According to the design principle, the gap between the ribbon and the shell in the biaxial ribbon mixer can be 4 mm to 10 mm, and the friction can drive the material to participate in the mixing. However, since the pulverization pellet size and the friction coefficient of the material are not the same. The time for the materials of the various components to participate in mixing is different, resulting in product non-uniformity. Some manufacturers have realized this and have improved the product. One is to pay attention to the processing precision so that the bottom gap reduced to about 3 mm. The other is to make the position between the main shaft and the housing adjustable, and the gap between the spiral ribbon and the housing can frequently adjust according to the amount of wear. These two forms of the product should be the best choice when choosing a mixer.
  2. Choose a horizontal biaxial ribbon mixer should pay attention to the discharge method. You should communicate with the supplier in a timely manner to select the valve form that suits your process, and do not choose the discharge form of the side port. The reason is when the mixer finishes mixing in the specified time, the uniformity of the material can ensure once in the shortest time. if the ribbon is gradually released, the delay time will not reach the expected productivity. And the second is the material has reached the best uniformity. Excessive agitation will cause the material to separate and destroy the uniformity, thus losing the meaning of using the horizontal feed mixer.

Last But Not Least

  1. The use of a horizontal mixer should pay attention to the order of feeding. Generally, the bulk material, such as corn flour, soybean meal, etc. is first injected. And then the small component, such as premix added. Note that the premix must not feed by the screw hoist, and the disposable dumping type feeding or manual feeding can avoid the loss of the separation of the active ingredients in the premix.
  2. The use of a horizontal feed mixer should batch after the start of the mixer. Do not stop the machine when finished the mixing, and mix a batch after the net material discharged. If it started after full load, it will cause the power distance too large to burn the motor.

Choosing a suitable horizontal feed mixer and using it properly will significantly improve the quality of the mix. It will soon reflect a benign effect in the production process. If you can further master the technology of self-mixing, you can also greatly reduce the cost of materials. Thereby increasing profits.

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