Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery is a professional feed cooling machine manufacturer, this article will introduce counter flow cooler in detail.

Description Of Counter Flow Cooler

The feed cooling machine adopts the principle of counter flow cooling. The pellets cooled evenly and fully. This machine adopts a unique sliding valve mechanism to discharge materials, the operation and discharge are smooth. SKLN series counter flow coolers are suitable for the cooling of various granular materials, such as pellets and expanded materials, especially for the cooling of pellets.

counter flow cooler

Performance Characteristics Of The Product

Fusmar counter flow cooler is a new type of cooling machine popular in the world. It uses the principle of counter current to cool high temperature and high humidity pellets. That is, the ambient cold air passes vertically through the layer and is in contact with the cold material. The air that gradually becomes hot is in contact with the hot material, and the direction of the wind flow is opposite to the direction of the flow.cooling machine

So that the pellets are gradually cooled in the forward direction, and can prevent the cooler directly in contact with the cold air and the high-temperature pellets. Thereby avoiding the pellets quenched, causing the surface of the pellet cracked. Since the cold air enters the cooler from the bottom in all directions, the air inlet area is large and the cold air utilization rate is high. Therefore, the cooling effect is remarkable, and the machine has low energy consumption and easy operation, so the counter flow cooler is superior to the vertical and horizontal coolers. It is an updated product.

What Is A Counter Flow Cooler

  1. The principle of countercurrent cooled the high-temperature and high-humidity pellets, and then the materials gradually cooled from the bottom to the top to avoid chilling, and the particles are not easy to break.
  2. The cooling box with an octagonal cross section removes the cooling dead angle. It  is more conducive to the cooling treatment of the pellets.
  3. The air blower used to prevent the hurricane phenomenon at the feed inlet, and the cooling effect is better.
  4. The adjustable cone type bulk material is built-in, and the cloth is even.
  5. Sliding valve type reciprocating linear motion discharge mechanism, smooth discharge,and adjustable flow.
  6. An access door provided on the front of the device, and an observation window provided on the side and the top cover to facilitate observation of the operation device.

cooling machine

The Principle Of The Product

Adopting the principle of counter flow cooling, the particles fully cooled. And the machine adopts a unique sliding valve mechanism to discharge materials, the operation discharge is smooth. The cooled pellet temperature is not higher than room temperature + 3-5 °C. The output is large, the cooling effect is good. The degree of automation is high, the noise is low, and then the maintenance is convenient. It is widely used in feed pellet production line and is an advanced replacement type cooling device.

counter flow cooler

Choosing a suitable feed cooling machine and using it properly will significantly improve the quality of the cool. It will soon reflect a benign effect in the production process. If you can further master the technology of self-cooling, you can also greatly reduce the cost of materials, thereby increasing profits.

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