We all know that there is a good helper processing pellet feed, that is straw pellet machine. It can produce high-quality straw feed. Our company Fusmar is a professional feed pellet machine manufacturer.

Discharge Control Method Of Straw Pellet Machine During Operation

Flat die pellet machine is a belt and worm as two-stage transmission equipment. So that the whole equipment is running more stable and low noise. When taking certain materials to test the machine, pay attention to the discharge of the flat die pellet machine. If there is a phenomenon that the feed cannot discharge. You can put the feed in the template hole pressing through with steel nails and then squeeze, so the equipment will return to normal.

flat die pellet machine

In order to avoid the recurrence of this kind of phenomenon, you can put some food oil on the surface of the flat die pellet machine after the feed through the die hole, so that the material will discharge much more smoothly. When the feed pellet machine runs the production, through the appropriate running speed, not only the gas in the material removed, the tightness of the feed will be further strengthened.

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Why Equipped The Straw Pellet Machine With Cooling And Drying

If you want to use the straw pellet machine, generally, it equipped with the cooling and drying equipment, so as to achieve the ideal production effect. So the key is cooling and drying equipment in the straw pellet machine, what is the best choice?

After straw pellet machine in the processing of pellet products, due to higher temperature, more moisture, so the products are not suitable for immediate packaging or storage. Still have to go through the cooling and drying process. However, manual drying is not only inefficient but also requires a large number of labor costs. So this method has been gradually eliminated, and the cooling and drying equipment replaced.

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Pellet Machine Equipped With Proper Cooling And Drying Equipment

When the straw pellet machine equipped with proper cooling and drying equipment. It can not only improve the working efficiency of the equipment but also reduce the processing cost of the entire process. At the same time, it is also beneficial to reduce labor intensity. The cooling and drying machine adopts closed cooling and drying, so that cross infection between feed pellets can avoid, and the quality of the products produced through the straw pellet machine can guarantee.

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Hope this article can help you know more feed pellet machine during operation, if you want to build your own feed pellet production line, please contact us. Because we are a professional feed pellet machine manufacturer with many years in this industry. We will provide a complete solution to meet your demand.