If you can invest a feed pellet production line, you will significantly improve the profits. The feed pellet mill is an essential equipment to make pig feed pellets. Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery is a professional feed pellet production line supplier, this article will introduce the pig feed pellets processing technology in detail.

Pig Feed Pellets

  1. Pig feed pellets generally composed of energy feed, protein feed, mineral feed, and vitamin feed. When using feed, use as many types as possible to improve feed utilization efficiency.
  2. The feed volume per kg of feed energy concentration should appropriate if it was too high, pigs eat will cause waste, or even not satiety. If it was too low, feed volume will too large, the pig can not eat so much, energy and nutrients can not meet.
  3. Control of crude fiber content, feed palatability must good. Easy to digest crude fiber is an important factor affecting palatability, digestion, absorption, and feed conversion, the general crude fiber content does not exceed 6% to 8%.
  4. Use local pig feed as much as possible to reduce costs. If the conditions permit, you can use a feed pellet millto make pig feed pellets by yourself.
  5. Appropriate addition of trace elements, vitamins, and antibacterial growth agents.

feed pellet production line

Feed Pellet Production Line Processing Technology

Pigs prefer to eat sweet food, generally, many animals prefer sweets. Therefore, when formulating the feed formula, the ratio of corn to soybean meal can increase. After the feed formula customized, a good processing method needed to support, because a set of feed pellet production line units can directly affect the quality of the feed.

feed pellet production line

Remove The Impurity Process

In a set of pig feed pellet production line equipment, the process of removing impurities is indispensable. Especially have a lot of materials. The cleaning of sundries generally has special decontamination equipment. The important thing to talk about here is the removal of metal materials. If the metal substance accidentally mixed into the material, it will directly affect the use of the feed processing equipment. Generally, the use of a large number of permanent magnet cylinders for metal removal. Such as the “effect” of the magnetic field, achieves the purpose of material removal.

The Pulverization Cutting Process

In a set of pig feed pellet production line, the crushing process is for better pelletization. If the material itself is a powder, you can skip this step. Generally, the length after pulverization by the crushing system of the feed crusher is 6 mm or less. The common crushing machine is the feed hammer mill.

feed hammer mill

Mixing And Stirring Process

After the pulverization process of the pig feed pellet plant, the material conveyed to the mixing and agitation process. In general, a feed formulation consists of several ingredients. When Sow pregnant, it is necessary to add vitamin supplements, and mixing the materials becomes a necessary process. A common feed mixer is a horizontal feed mixer.

feed mixing machine

Evenly Loading Process

Farmers may somewhat puzzled when they see uniform feeding. The feeding can understand. Why must we evenly load? In the process of conveying feed ingredients, if the conveying speed is too slow, the energy consumption will increase, and it is not conducive to the formation of pellet feed. If it is too fast, it will cause the stubble of the pig feed pellet machine. Commonly used feeding equipments are screw conveyor and bucket elevator.

Pelletization And Cooling Process

The pelletization process of the pig feed pellet production line performed by a feed pellet machine. If it is a small and medium-sized farm, recommended using a flat die pellet machine. It is small and easy to move. If it is a large farm, recommended using a ring die pellet machine. For cooling, if the output is not much, you can choose to cool it by yourself. If the output is large, the auxiliary of the counter flow cooler can select. It can help the freshly finished feed to cool down quickly and dry.

Choosing a suitable feed pellet mill equiipment and using it properly will significantly improve the quality of the feed. It will soon reflect a benign effect in the production process. If you can further master the technology of making pellets, you can also greatly reduce the cost of materials, thereby increasing profits.