As a professional feed hammer mill manufacturer, our machine structure reasonable, this article will introduce the feed crushing machine in detail.

How To Use The Feed Crushing Machine Correctly

Feed crushing machine mainly used to crush various feeds and various roughages. The purpose of this machine is to increase the feed surface area and adjust the pellet size, increase the surface area and improve the palatability, and easily contact the digestive juice in the digestive tract, which is beneficial to improve the digestibility. Better absorb nutrients from feed.

With the rapid development of the aquaculture industry, more and more farmers choose to use the feed hammer mill to process the feed. Crusher is a high-speed machine that has certain risks in use. To ensure personal safety, today share how to make the right feed hammer mill.

feed crushing machine

Correctly Install The Feed Hammer Mill

Buy the feed hammer mill, first install the crusher, then fix the machine and the motor seat. The screw uses 2 flat pads and 1 spring pad. The top of the flat pad is on the bottom. The protection screw will prevent it during tightening. The screw cap enters the chute of the motor base, and a spring pad added on the upper flat pad to prevent the loosening of the screw generated during the high-speed operation of the pulverizer. After adding the flat pad and the spring pad, this problem solved. Then install the motor on the motor base in the same way, connect the motor and the machine with a V-belt.

At this time, adjust the parallel between the motor wheel and the pulley. Because if the motor is running during the feed crushing machine, the wheel and the pulley are no longer on a parallel line, which will seriously damage the V-belt. The best way is to take a straight square tube or wooden square and stick it to the side of the motor wheel and the pulley. Remember the left and right planes of the motor wheel and the left and right planes of the pulley must tightly press. To ensure that the motor wheel and the pulley kept at the same horizontal line. After measuring the horizontal line, the triangle belt can tighten. Finally fixed the screws.

feed hammer mill

Maintenance The Feed Hammer Mill Before Work

After fixing the motor and machine, do the maintenance work before normal operation. First, the butter filling port on both sides of the machine main shaft should grease into the bearing with a grease gun. The purpose of filling the butter is to lubricate the bearing. The function of the bearing prolonged. If the grease not added, the high-speed running bearing becomes hot, and it is troublesome to replace the bearing after the damage. Secondly, check the connection state of each part, and the screw should tighten twice with a wrench to prevent the screw from loosening. The machine damaged due to the broken parts. After all the parts inspected, they can work normally.

Precautions For The Normal Operation Of The Feed Hammer Mill

Before starting the machine, you must familiarize yourself with the instruction manual and adjust and maintain it according to its fixed position. The operator must master the structure and function requirements of the machine. The supporting power must meet the requirements, and it not allowed to increase the spindle speed privately. Check whether the running direction is the same as the cutting direction before starting the machine. Otherwise, it is forbidden to start the machine. After the above work checked, the power can check to start the test. Turn on the power and let the feed mill run for 1 minute first. Check whether the parts are working normally.

feed crushing machine

If there is no problem, you can feed the material. When the crusher is working, you need to add a small amount of material. After normal discharge, there is no problem, the raw materials can process according to the normal output. Do not over-feed the material, resulting in serious load. The lighter will damage the V-belt, and the heavy one will burn the motor. In the process of feeding, check whether there is any debris in the raw material. For example, stones, iron bars, iron blocks, bricks, wooden blocks, etc., which damage the machine. If they mistakenly insert into the iron block, it will cause the screen to break, the hammer to bent, and damage the machine shell. Seriously, it will cause danger and cause personal injury.

Choosing A Suitable Feed Hammer Mill

Choosing a suitable feed hammer mill and using it properly will significantly the quality of the feed. It will soon reflect a benign effect in the production process, if you can further master the technology of the crushing, you can also greatly reduce the cost of materials, thereby increasing the profits.

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