Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery is a professional auto packing machine manufacturer, the auto packing machine price is reasonable. This article will introduce how to use the auto packing machine in detail.

What Is Auto Packing Machine

The SDBY series automatic packaging scale has a two-speed feeding function and equipped with a stopper door that can automatically adjust the material flow rate and a quick-switching cutting door. Which use for the quantitative packaging of various granular materials, flakes, and powders. The entire system has a dust suction port to improve the working environment and efficiency.

auto packing machine

Main Structure Of The Product

The auto packing machine mainly composed of three parts: automatic quantitative packing, seaming machine, and conveyor.

How To Work Of The Auto Packing Machine

When the controller receives the start signal, the packing machine reacts quickly, tightens the plastic bag, and delays the time. The controller simultaneously opens the quick-feed valve, and the material falls into the bag. When the weight of the material in the bag reaches the set value, closed the slow-feeding valve, and a little delay the time reached. The air volume reaches the bag, and then the folder opened to relax the bag.

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Common Faults And Troubleshooting

  1. Feeding door does not open: General mechanical and electrical work whether it is working. Whether the solenoid valve is normal. And whether the gas path is unblocked.
  2. Weigh the bottom door of the hopper no discharging: Whether the stroke switch and solenoid valve work normally.
  3. The weighing accuracy is unstable: Whether the air pressure is too low, whether the material door is closed tightly, whether the material is agglomerated, whether the three-stage feeding is normal, whether the damper has oil, and whether the adjustment is reasonable.
  4. The weighing speed is slow, and the output does not meet the requirements: Whether the feeding is normal, whether the storage hopper is arched, and whether there is any debris that affects the material flow.
  5. Less than rated weighing, often to half pack discharge: Check whether the gas source reaches 0.42-0.5 MPa.
  6. The rated weighing clip is not tight and falls off: Check the air pressure and whether the air source leaks.
  7. Leakage during weighing: Check whether the bottom door, fasteners and connecting parts of the weighing bucket lose and fall off.

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Use And Maintenance

  1. Perform routine inspection before starting the machine to check for impurities in the casing, especially if there are no fibrous impurities in the suspension bearing.
  2. The materials entering the conveyor should clean up first and out of the large magazine to ensure the normal operation of the machine.
  3. When operating, first open the empty packing machine, and then entering the material. The flow will gradually increase, and the appropriate control flow should not overload.
  4. Always check the lubrication of the bearing and inject the lubricant regularly.
  5. The cover of the machine slot should tightly cover, and the dust should prevent from flying and impurities should not fall into it.
  6. When the packing machine did not use for a long time, all the materials in the machine should exclude, extending the life of the machine.

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