The cooling of the feed pellets is an indispensable process in the feed pellet machine pelletization. The counter flow pellet cooler can cool the pellets from the granulator at a temperature of 70 °C to 90 °C to a temperature slightly above room temperature of 3 °C to 5 °C, and then it can reduce to safe moisture (≤ 12.5%), which is convenient for pellets transportation and storage.

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Our company Fusmar manufactured counter flow coolers with different models and different production capacities. It can use in feed mills of all sizes.

Counter Flow Pellet Cooler Performance Characteristics

Our company Fusmar manufactured counter flow cooler is a new type of cooler popular in the world. It uses the principle of counter current cooling to cool the high temperature and high humidity pellets. That is, the ambient cold air passes vertically through the layer, first with the cold material. In contact with each other, the hot air that gradually becomes hot is in contact with the hot material, and then the direction of the wind flow is opposite to the direction of the flow.

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So that the pellets gradually cooled in the forward direction, and the coolers can prevent from directly contacted with the cold air and the high-temperature pellets. Thereby quenching the particles, the surface of the particle cracked. Since the cold air enters the cooler from the bottom in all directions, the air inlet area is large and the cold air utilization rate is high. Therefore, the cooling effect is remarkable, and the machine has low energy consumption and easy operation. So the counter flow cooler is superior to the previous upgraded products of vertical and horizontal coolers.

Main Structure

The counter flow pellet cooler mainly composed of a rotating closed air feeder, an air outlet top cover, a rhombic bulk material, a cooling box body, an upper and lower level positioner, a deceleration brake motor, an eccentric transmission spool-type discharge mechanism, a fixed frame adjustment device, the collecting hopper, the frame, the suction system, and so on.

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How To Work Of The Counter Flow Pellet Cooler

The high-temperature and high-humidity pellets from the feed pellet machine uniformly stacked in the cooling box through the rotary closed-air feeder. And then the cold air discharged from the bottom of the sliding valve type discharging mechanism below the cooling box. The upper part of the collecting hopper enters the cooler in all directions. And passes through the material layer to exchange heat with the moist heat particles. And then sucks out through the suction system. So that the pellets cooled. The cooling time controlled through the position of the upper and lower levelers. When the granular material layer reaches the upper level, the motor starts to discharge. And when the granular layer is lower than the lower level, the motor stops discharging.

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After the motor stops, the relative position between the movable frame and the fixed frame in the spool type discharge mechanism is controlled by the travel switch through the brake motor. Which ensures that no material leaked after stopping the discharge. The spool type discharge mechanism installed at the bottom of the box body, and the movable frame reciprocated by the deceleration brake motor through the eccentric mechanism, and then the relative position between the movable frame and the fixed frame changed. So that the pellets are discharged from the tank and finally discharged out of the machine by the collecting hopper.

Hope this article can help you to know more about counter flow pellet cooler. If you want to build the feed pellet production line, please contact us.