The feed packaging scale is a specific application of electronic weighing technology. It is a weighing packaging device that quantitatively dispenses bulk materials and powders according to the preset quantitative value of the system. It used as a production process. One of the main links has been widely used in the chemical industry, fertilizer industry, food, and other industries. Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery is a professional feed bagging machine manufacturer, this article will introduce the installation and commissioning of feed bagging machine in detail.

Install The Discharge Transition Bucket And The Pocket Bucket

The pocket sensor switch should mount on the left or right side according to the operator’s habits.

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Install The Weighing Hopper And Sensor

  1. Do not pass the welder current through the load cell.
  2. Do not allow the external force to impact the sensor.
  3. The feed packaging scale sensor must fix firmly, and the rotation between the universal joint and the U-shaped fork flexible and forceless, and the nuts are tightened.So that the universal joint no longer misaligned. If the joint misaligned, it may cause irregular changes in system zero. In addition, the bucket scale shall fix on the scale bucket by the discharge valve of the scale bucket. So that the scale bucket connected with only one compressed air pipe outside, and the gas pipe not affected by the external force during installation, and the gas pipe connected to the solenoid valve not touched. Touch external objects to avoid affecting the weighing accuracy.
  4. There should a margin between the sensor connection and the external fixed point. Otherwise, not open it too tightly to avoid affecting the free state of the scale.
  5. The whole weighing part must fix on a platform with good stability and good rigidity, and should not shakeby the influence of external force.

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Install The Feeding Mechanism 

  1. In order to improve the weighing accuracy, the position of the feed packing scale should keepaway from the vibration source as far as possible. The inlet of the feeding mechanism must connect to the outlet of the finished product by soft connection. The height of the soft connection should not exceed 5 cm.
  2. The finished product warehouse above the feeding mechanism should ensure sufficient material supply during normal operation. And the oblique connection with the feeding mechanism to reduce the front pressure of the material to the feeding mechanism. And then avoid material collapse and impact precision of weighing.

Electrical Installation Of The Feed Bagging Machine

  1. The control box should install in a position that is easy to operate and easy to observe near the pocket.
  2. A galvanized iron pipe or plastic-coated metal hoseconnected the power and control line between the control box and each equipment.
  3. Ground the control box and motor.

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Mechanism Debugging Of The Feed Bagging Machine

  1. Press the fast feed and slow feed buttons respectively to see if the fast and slow feeders are moving. The auger type and the belt type feeding mechanism look at the forward and reverse of the feeder. And observe whether the steering and the forward rotation indicator consistent. If the reverse rotation performed, the three-phase lines of the motor can exchange alternately. If the steering is correct, it can rotate continuously for a period of time to see if it is working properly.
  2. Touch the pocket sensor switch once to see if the cylinder of the solenoid valve of the bag is moving. Touching the bag switchagain, the bag mechanism opened under the action of the solenoid valve and the cylinder.
  3. There is a bucket type retry scale door (discharge door) solenoid valve action. Press to open the door, press again to close the door, to see if the cylinder of the scale door valve solenoid valve can drive the scale door to have the corresponding action. Whether the action direction meets the requirements.

Speed and accuracy adjustments are the most common problems in all failures of the auto packing machine. In the packaging of the finished product, it is necessary to ensure the speed of the packaging and then ensure the accuracy of the packaging. Which requires setting the optimal value in the parameters of the instrument. The specific adjustment method must consult professional technician.

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