Feed processing machinery used to produce materials, and the conveyor machine used to convey materials, so there is a connection between the machines. Due to the particularity of transporting raw materials, the screw conveyor became an auxiliary device for feed production equipment. Now let’s take a look at the screw conveyor is how to transport materials for the feed machinery?

Interaction Between Feed Processing Machinery And Screw Conveyor

Generally, feed processing machinery basically used continuous spiral surfaces. Which forms a platform with balanced forces at various points to facilitate the conveying of the screw conveyor. Otherwise, when the conveying operation performed, the feed pellet machine opened and a comprehensive inspection performed. If everything is normal, the screw conveyor can turn on to ensure that the material delivery completed in an orderly manner. In fact, for the gap between the spiral surface and the machine slot, the conveyor has strict requirements. We must strictly follow the requirements to avoid friction between materials. In addition, the gap size must adjust according to different needs to ensure the stability of the equipment.

feed processing machinery

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What Should Pay Attention To During Feed Production Machinery Cleaning

Feed machinery is a tool for processing pellet feed. After long-term use, materials will stick to it. If it not cleaned in time, it will often affect the performance of the equipment. There are some areas that require special attention when cleaning different equipment, such as clothes made of different materials. We need to set a cycle for the cleaning of feed machinery. If it is in the work process, after producing different types of products, the machine must clean to avoid contaminating the next product. If it not used, it should clean regularly, usually once a month, and the machine must disassemble and carefully clean, so as to help extend the life of the feed machinery. Otherwise, pay attention to raw materials when performing mechanical cleaning.

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Using The Equipment Reasonably

Due to the influence of various factors, some problems and failures of feed machinery will inevitably occur. The key is to solve the problems in time to avoid causing more serious consequences. Due to improper operation or other reasons, the bearings of feed machinery may be damaged. Which also reminds us to use the equipment reasonably. If the bearing damage is already serious. It should replace it with a new one in time to avoid affecting other parts of the feed production machinery.

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