With the progress and development of the breeding industry, no matter for small and medium-sized farms or large farms, feed pellet mill is the most important part of the farms. While many farmers purchase full-price feed, they also wonder whether their farms can save costs to make feed themselves, so feed processing equipment has gradually become popular.

feed pellet production line

Now there are many people feed animals like pig, sheep, chicken, rabbit, these animals feed are in big demand. Some people buy feed pellets from a pellet production factory, but some choose to make their own feed pellets for their animals.

feed pellet mill

Then how much do you know when you decide to buy a rabbit feed pellet mill? many people who have little experience in making feed pellets, different people have different questions about pellet mill for making feed pellets, customer once consulted us such questions which are maybe you will have:

  1. Are their any advantage the diesel or electrical one has except that the diesel one is lighter? the advantage between diesel and electricity, is that easy and convient to move. Besides, it’s good for the area lacking of electricity or the area of high electricity price.
  2. Are the pellets produced small? I mentioned it is primarily for rabbits, do you have some clients making rabbit pellets using the machine. The pellets produces can be 2.5–8mm, choosing according to your requirement.
  3. Are their some parts that wear out frequently which I would need to order together with the machine.The mainly parts are the roller and die, they are can be about 6-8 months on the condition of continuously working.

rabbit feed pellets

Generally speaking, the feed pellet machine divided into two categories, one is ring die feed pellet machine, the other is flat die feed pellet machine. Large-scale poultry farms choose to use Industry Animal Feed Pellet Plant or powder machinery equipment, while small and medium-sized farms will also choose to use 500 KG Animal Feed Pellet Plant or a single feed pellet machine. Among the many feed machines, the feed pellet machine has a higher utilization rate.

ring die feed pellet mill

From the perspective of the majority of farmers, the animal feed mill not only helps the farmers save the cost of breeding but also increases the economic profit.