Counter flow pellet cooling machine adopts the principle of counter flow cooling, the pellet cooling is full and even. The unique sliding valve vibrating discharges, the operation is stable, discharge is smooth, particle temperature after cooling is not higher than room temperature 3-5 °C, and then output is large. Otherwise, the cooling effect is good, the degree of automation is high, the noise is low, and the maintenance is small. It is an advanced replacement type cooling device.

pellet cooling machine

Feed Pellets Introduction

The pellet feed is made by extruding and granulating the powder through the feed pellet production equipment. The raw materials are combined with heat and moisture to make the starch gelatinized and protein denatured, so improving the palatability and digestibility of the feed. After the extrusion, the bulk density of the particles increased, and the transportation and storage cost of the finished product reduced. The high-temperature extrusion can also play an insecticidal sterilization effect, and the preservation period of the finished product can prolong.

poultry feed pellets

Pellet Cooler Machine Uses In The Feed Pellet Production Line

  1. 10-80 t/h pig feed production line.
  2. 10-20 t/h suckling pig feed production line.
  3. 10-80 t/h chicken feed production line.
  4. 10-80 t/h duck feed, goose feed production line.
  5. 10-60 t/h rabbit feed production line.

pellet cooler machine

Feed pellet production line is very suitable for feed pellet manufacturer. The plant equipped with the SZLH series counter flow pellet cooler machine. The maximum capacity of the cooler machine is 20T/H. This production line can process materials of corn, soybean, wheat, and other cereals into pellets for chicken, cow, sheep, and other poultry.

feed pellet production line

Counter Flow Pellet Cooling Machine Features

  1. Using the principle of counter flow cooling to cool the high-temperature and high-humidity pellets. The hot air is in contact with the hot material. The cold air is in contact with the cold material to avoid the phenomenon that the cold surface directly contacted with the hot material to cause quenching and causing cracking of the surface of the pellets.
  2. Increase the cooling volume, extend the cooling time of the material, and then greatly improve the cooling effect.
  3. Using the air trap to feed, to prevent the hurricane phenomenon of the feed inlet, the cooling effect is good.
  4. It equipped with an adjustable tapered bulk material mechanism, and then the discharge is even.
  5. The top of the cooler made of stainless steel, which has strong corrosion resistance and long service life.
  6. Sliding valve type reciprocating discharge mechanism, then the discharge is stable and reliable.
  7. Suitable for cooling of any granular material.

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Choosing a suitable feed cooler machine and using it properly will significantly improve the quality of the cool. It will soon reflect a benign effect in the production process. If you can further master the technology, you can also greatly reduce the cost of materials, thereby increasing profits.

Hope this article can help you to know more about the pellet cooler machine uses in the feed pellet production line. If you want to build the feed pellet plant, please contact us.