It is very important for poultry farmers to reduce costs and increase efficiency. The poultry feed pellet machine can use to process chicken, duck, and goose pellet feed. It is a happiness to eat healthy and hormone-free meat food, so the poultry feed pellet machine has long been favored by more farmers. Not only because the processed pellet feed can meet the nutritional needs of poultry, but also effectively Reduce feed costs and increase economic income. Therefore, the supply of poultry feed pellet mills from Fusmar Machinery is demand exceeds supply.

Poultry Feed Pellet Machine Reduces Feed Costs For Farmers

The poultry feed pellet machine processed feed pellets can help farmers save a lot of money. The equipment can also custom according to user needs, so purchasing a poultry feed pellet machine can bring more benefits.

poultry feed pellet machine

The feed pellets processed through a feed pellet machine has no cracks, no powder, smooth granule surface, uniform size, good internal maturity, and no loss of nutrients. Poultry grows well and loves to eat.

animal feed pellets

With the development of the social economy, labor costs are getting higher and higher. In order to ensure the stability of income. Many poultry farmers have to consider using poultry feed pellet machines instead of manual labor. Only 1-2 people are enough, and the machine fully automated, which greatly saves manual investment.

poultry feed pellet machine

Small Household Chicken Feed Pellet Machine

The chicken feed pellet machine is a feed processing machine that directly crushes the pellets by stirring the crushed materials of corn, soybean meal, straw, grass, etc. according to a certain proportion. Applicable to the feed and use of small and medium-sized farmers and individual farmers. And can process grass, straw particles and inorganic fertilizer particles.

animal feed pellets

Chicken Feed Processing Machinery Equipment

Chicken feed pellet production line machinery widely used in feed processing plants, livestock farms, poultry livestock farms, individual farmers’ feed processing, and so on. It can process straw particles, inorganic fertilizer particles, and crude fiber granulation. Such as sawdust, rice husks, cotton stalks, cottonseed husks, weeds and other crop straws, domestic waste, factory waste. It is also suitable for low-temperature granulation of biological bacterial fertilizer, organic fertilizer, and compound fertilizer.

feed pellet production line

The design of Fusmar poultry feed processing machinery is reasonable, easy to operate, low noise, low energy consumption, quality assurance, and favorable price. This is also an important reason why many farmers choose to use Fusmar machinery. Fusmar poultry feed pellet machine pelletization effect is good, the processed pellet feed is uniform in size. The pellets are smooth and perfect, and the poultry loves to eat. It is a very good assistant for farmers to start a business and become rich!