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  • ring die pellet mill
  • ring die pellet mill

Ring Die Pellet Machine

Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery is a professional ring die pellet mill manufacturer,  this machine can use to make various roughage and refined fodder in livestock farm and feed mill, and also use for chemical industry, fertilizer industry and sugar industry.



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Fusmar Machinery is a professional ring die pellet mill manufacturer, this article will introduce the ring die pellet machine in detail.

Ring Die Feed Pellet Mill Introduction

SZLH series ring die feed pellet mill is the main machine of making granular fodder, it can use to make various roughage and refined fodder in livestock farm and feed mill, and also use for the chemical industry, fertilizer industry, and sugar industry.

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Main Characteristics Of Ring Die Pellet Mill

  1. Widely used equipment with mature technology.
  2. The main driving adopts a high-precision gear drive so that the output is improved by about 20% when compared with that of belt drive.
  3. Imported high-quality bearing and oil seal are adopted to ensure efficient, stable and low-noise whole machine operation. The granulating room is equipped with an air temperature-reducing system.
  4. The feeder adopts a variable-speed motor to ensure the quality of discharged particles.
  5. Ring dies with multiple kinds of bore diameters are optional, and high-quality craft ring dies are adopted so that the service life is long. The discharged particles are smooth and the quality is high.
  6. International advanced compensation type snakelike spring coupling has the properties of novel and compact structure, high safety, low noise, and low fault rate.
  7. Puls-size conditioner and jacket type conditioner are selectable to strength the particle conditioning effect.

feed pellet machine

Working Principle Of Ring Die Pellet Mill

Feeding way: the ring die pellet machine adopts mechanically forced feeding, high speed rotating centrifugal distribution into the pelleting chamber, through the scraper to distribute the material.

Pressure: in the die with the same diameter, the diameter of the ring die is limited by the diameter of the ring die. So the pressure is limited.

Discharging way: the ring die is of high rotating speed. And the damage rate is high when the material is discharged.

Pressure wheel adjustment: ring die pellet machine is to use the middle of the pressure wheel eccentric wheel on the two screws to adjust the pressure.

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Ring Die Feed Pellet Machine Technical Datas

ring die pellet mill parameters

Ring Die Feed Pellet Mill Advantages

  1. Imported SKF bearing and NAK oil seal are adopted for better transmission performance, stable operation and low noise.
  2. The feeding device adopts a frequency control motor to ensure particle quality.
  3. Multi-aperture ring mold selection, ring mold excellent technology, long service life, the production of smooth, high-quality feed particles.
  4. The international advanced compensating spring coupling has a novel and compact structure, safe and reliable, and a low failure rate.
  5. Overload protection and electrical control systems to ensure normal operation.
  6. You can choose a super-large hair conditioner and jacket hair conditioner to meet the special requirements of customers and ensure the effect of particle tempering and hardening.
  7. Compared with the flat die pellet machine, the ring pellet machine is more effective and suitable for mass production of animal feed pellets.

Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery as a professional ring die pellet machine manufacturer, in order to meet the requirement of customers. We not only provide a single machine in the process of making feed pellets but also provide a complete set of feed pellet production line.

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