If you are interested in the feed grinder machine, please read this article.

Our company Fusmar manufactured feed grinder machine is a kind of hammer mill equipment, which mainly strikes the materials to smash through hammers. Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery is a professional feed hammer mill manufacturer.

Application Of Feed Grinder Machine

The crushed materials can be directly mixed with cornmeal, rice bran, noodles, bean cake, and other feed for poultry and animals to eat, widely used in feed mills, farms, individual farmers, and so on.

feed grinder machine

Main Structure Of The Feed Grinder Machine

Our company Fusmar produced feed hammer mill mainly composed of frame, casing, screen mesh, pulley, coupling, hammer, electric frame, motor, feeding, and so on. The structure is simple, the layout is reasonable, hammer piece uses the abrasion resistance of high manganese steel. Finished product material size can adjust according to the size of the mesh screen hole inside, less power consumption, long service life, and you can also move production, very convenient.

animal feed pellets

Feed Hammer Mill Driven The Breeding Industry

The feed hammer mill mainly can crush the peanut shell, straw, wheat straw, corn cob, peanut soil, pachyrhizus crumb rods, dried seaweed, sorghum stalk, pepper stem, and other crop stalks. Generally, it used with a feed pellet machine, the materials can crush into a final shape at one time. The crushed crops can increase the solubility of animal digestive juice and improve the digestibility of animals, which is beneficial to the feed of animals. The birth of the feed grinder machine driven the breeding industry, greatly improved the economic level of farmers. At the same time is essential to crop straw processing equipment of feed mill and some rural small breeding plant.

feed hammer mill

Choosing A Suitable Feed Crushing Machine

When choose and buy the feed hammer mill. According to own materials, production capacity to choose models. And then according to the manufacturing quality, sales price, spare parts supply selected specific products. So as not to choose the wrong feed grinder. Different materials choose different models, and the output is also different. Feed crushing machine must choose a professional feed crusher manufacturer so that the quality of feed crusher can guarantee, feed crusher prices will be more affordable.

animal feed pellets

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