In the process of feed processing, dry powder materials or a mixture of several powder feeds. But sometimes, we need a wet mix, which is to add the liquid to the powder mix well. As for the feed mixer machine, not all the machines are suitable for the mixing of the wet mixture. As we commonly used vertical mixing machine, horizontal screw belt mixer is a more practical and dry mix, then want to mix wet materials what kind of feed mixing machine? Our company Fusmar is a professional feed mixing machine manufacturer, this article will introduce this machine in detail.

Talk About Feed Mixer Machine

The common feed mixer machine that can mix wet materials in the market includes a single-shaft and double-shaft paddle-type feed mixer. The single shaft double-spiral feed mixer is not incapable of mixing wet materials, but the resistance required is greater when stirring the wet materials. So if you must use a single-shaft double-spiral feed mixer to stir the wet mix. Then the wringer inside needs to thicken in case the single shaft double-spiral feed mixer fails during mixing.

vertical mixer

Paddle Type Feed Mixer Machine

Paddle type feed mixer divided into a single shaft and double shaft. Generally speaking, biaxial use is more frequent, of course, single-shaft mixing uniformity is higher, faster mixing time, but the price will be relatively higher. Double shaft paddle type feed mixer has a special channel for adding liquid. Through which the liquid can enter the feed mixer for stirring. This kind of feed mixer generally belongs to both dry and wet types. Mixing uniformity and time is relatively ideal, a batch of material mixing time is only about 0.5-2 minutes. The double shaft paddle type feed mixer has a good cost performance and a large output. And used in a large farm or feed mill where the uniformity of the mixer is relatively high.

feed mixer machine

The U-Type Horizontal Mixer

The materials put to the machine are powder material. Mixing puff, fish Feed, poultry feed, pellets snacks, and other types of food snacks, then mixing different types of powder uniformly.

animal feed pellets

All kinds of materials according to specified proportion go into the mixer after measurement, materials mixed by the push of ribbon spiral blade. The out screw belt will push the materials from one end to the other end, the inner screw makes the materials move in the opposite direction, the layer material pushed to one side, then turning from outer to inside. The material in the process of convection mutual infiltration, displacements and blending on both sides in the process of rolling again, repeated mix many times, finally through the material control structure will discharging the mixing materials from the discharged door.

animal feed pellets

Choosing A Suitable Feed Mixnig Machine

Feed mixing machine is an important machine in the material processing system. The effect of the material mixing will directly influence the appearance of the feed pellets. Hope this article can help you to know more about raw material with the feed mixing machine. If you want to learn more feed mixer, please contact us.