At present, poultry and animals are basically fed with feed, and feed processing also has specialized feed machinery and equipment. What are the advantages of using feed machinery to process feed, and these are the reasons that attract users.

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The Reason For Choosing The Animal Feed Pellet Mill To Process The Feed

Feeds processed with animal feed pellet mill machinery are very comprehensive in their nutritional formula, which can prevent animals from picky eating. Because the produced feed is basically granular, it can maintain uniformity in each process, which can reduce unnecessary losses and save transportation costs.

animal feed pellet mill

Animal Feed Pellet Mill Is An Ideal Feed Processing Equipment

During feed processing, a series of reactions occur in the feed due to factors such as moisture, temperature, and pressure, which help digestion. In addition, the fluidity of pellet feed is good, and it rarely causes sticking. Which is one of the reasons that attract customers.

animal feed pellets

Feed mechanical processing of feed is not as easy as powder grading phenomenon, so it is not easy to dust, environmental pollution relatively reduced a lot, in line with the concept of environmental protection production. On the whole, feed machinery is an ideal feed processing equipment and should be used well.

animal feed pellet mill

A Kind Of Feed Processing Machinery

Straw pellet machine is a kind of processing equipment, the main work object is a variety of plant straw and rice husk. For the equipment, the value lies in its molding rate. First of all, when choosing raw materials, pay attention to the use of those softer straws that were originally used to make granules, because soft straws are easier to press, so the forming rate will naturally increase.

animal feed pellets

In addition to the soft feature, we must also pay attention to the moisture contained in the raw material. In many cases, the forming rate of the straw pellet machine is low. And the moisture of the raw material is not controlled well. The moisture content of the raw materials used for pressing the straw particles maintained between 15 and 20%. Too high will make the granular products loose, and too low will make it difficult to compact. Therefore, it suggested that the moisture of raw materials can reduce a through drying machine to achieve the ideal state.