Cattle feed speed is fast, general feed without sufficient chewing will reach the stomach. Therefore, requirements on the stomach of cattle and pigs, horses, rabbits, and other livestock stomachs different. It is not only large in volume, but also different in structure and function from that of single stomach livestock. Zhengzhou Fusmar is a professional feed pellet machine manufacturer, this article will introduce dairy feed pellets in details.

feed pellet machine

Things You Need To Know About Dairy Feed Pellet Formulations

A nutritionally balanced diet should have an appropriate proportion and provide all the nutrients that dairy needs to maintain its basal metabolism, growth, and milk production. Therefore, dairy feed pellet formulations should have the following characteristics:

  1. Containing a sufficient amount of nutrients and at least three or more kinds of raw materials.
  2. The content of the particulate matter of the feed should be consistent with the dry matter intake of the cow (the appetite of the cow).
  3. The poultry feed pelletsshould not contain toxic substances that damage the health of dairy cows.

feed pellet machine

The Benefits Of Animal Feed Pellets In Breeding

The benefits of feed pellet machine in breeding described as follows:

  1. Feed pelletimproves the quality of feed and has good palatability.
  2. According to different feeding objects and needs, select the ideal feed shape and size, improve the food intake and speed, then reduce feeding time.
  3. It can adapt to a variety of different formula feed processing, expand feed sources.
  4. The higher temperature and pressure can reduce or eliminate various bacteria and destroy some toxic factors in the feedwhen pressing pelletfeed. It can also add medication to prevent and control diseases, effectively improve the survival rate.
  5. Pellet feed is easy to package, storage,and transportation, not easy to deteriorate and corrupt.
  6. The size and gravity of the pellet feed are evenly, and then the transportation process will not classification.
  7. It issuitable for mechanization, automation feeding, improvesfeeding labor conditions.

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The Advantages Of The Feed Pellet Machine

  1. Avoid picky eating of animals.Feed formula has a variety of raw materials, comprehensive nutrition, it can prevent animal selection of its favorite to eat from the powder, refused to eat other ingredients. Because the pellet feed can maintain homogeneity in the process of storage and feeding, the loss of feeding can reduce about 8%~10%.
  2. High feed rateof return. In the process of pelletization, due to the comprehensive effect of water, temperature, and pressure, some physicochemical reactions occur in the feed, then making the starch gelatinize and the activity of the enzyme enhanced. Which can make the animals digest the feed more effectively and then convert it into weight gain.
  3. Storage and transportation are more economical.After pelletization, the bulk density of feed will generally increase about 40-100%. Which can reduce the storage capacity and save transportation costs.
  4. Good liquidityandeasy to manage. Many powders, especially the small gravity of the pile feed, add molasses or high fat and urea feed often adhere to the material house. Pellet feed is most popular on large-scale dairy or poultry farms with automated feeders. Because it is highly mobile and rarely adheres.
  5. Kill salmonella in animal feed.Salmonella remains in animal tissues when ingested by animals. And people who eat animals infected with the bacteria can develop salmonella gastroenteritis.The method of steam high-temperature quenching, tempering, and granulating can kill salmonella in animal feed.

feed pellet machine

This is all about poultry feed pellets, if you want to build your own diary farming or feed pellet plant, please contact us. Because we are a professional feed pellet machine manufacturer with many years in this industry. We will provide a complete solution to meet your demand.