The feed mixer machine is suitable for professional feed processing farmers and large, medium and small farms. Fusmar feed mixing machine is advanced in design, reasonable in structure, reliable in performance, convenient in maintenance, high in production efficiency, small in space occupation, labor-saving, time-saving, less dust, good sealing, and so on. It is the best choice for the majority of breeding professional farmers to develop economic benefits.

Mixing Principle Of The Feed Mixer Machine

A mixer is a mechanical device that evenly mixes two or more materials through mechanical force, gravity, and so on. In the process of mixing, it is also possible to increase the surface contact area of the material to promote the chemical reaction, it can also accelerate the physical change. Our company Fusmar manufactured feed mixer machine has vertical feed mixer, U-type mixer, and horizontal feed mixer.

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Use Feed Mixer Machine In The Feed Processing Plant

In order to attain a balanced nutrients supply in the feed, a feed mixer is used to mix the various ingredients together. They should mix thoroughly with a mixer, since other additives may add to ensure a balanced feed formulation.

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Vertical Feed Mixer Introduction

The vertical feed mixer is suitable for livestock farming such as pigs, chickens, and fish. It integrates vertical lifting, mixing bin and horizontal conveying. It has the advantages of a simple and compact structure, one-time small investment, economical and practical. Convenient maintenance, and no special production site.

vertical feed mixer machine

U-type Mixer Introduction

The U-type mixer mainly combined with a machine body, screw rotor, discharging door, material control agency, transmission mechanism, and liquid add. This U-type mixer should put in a horizontal position, mixed with high efficiency, good quality, unloading quickly, less remain, adapt to the wide range. So far it is the most commonly used mixer.

u-type feed mixer machine

Horizontal Feed Mixer Introduction

The horizontal feed mixing machine composed of two rotating in the opposite direction of the rotor. The rotor has to weld multiple special angles of the blade, on the one hand, blade force material along the wall counterclockwise revolves, on the other hand, drive material turning around. At the overlapping of the two rotors, they formed a floating zone in the area. Regardless of how the material shape, size, and density, it can make the material to rise in moments of weightlessness. In order to make the material in the machine groove to form a continuous cycle turned in all directions, staggered shear each other. So as to achieve rapid mixing soft effect.

horizontal feed mixer machine

Hope this article can help you to know more about the feed mixer machine. If you want to build the feed pellet production plant, please contact us. Because we are a professional feed pellet machinery manufacturer with many years in this industry. We will provide a complete solution to meet your demand.