At present, there are many types of straw pellet machines on the market. They are favored by users because of their respective advantages. However, due to various factors, the straw pellet machines at work often have excessive dust. This will not only cause pollution to the environment but also affect the service life of the equipment. So try to find the cause and solve it.

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What Are The Criteria For Classifying Feed Machinery

Actually, feed machinery is a general term for a class of machinery and equipment. Which can divide into many types, and the classification is different, the specific types are different.

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According to different uses of the machine

Feed machinery can divide into feed crushing machinery, mixer, feed pellet machine, cooler, dryer, classifier, elevator, premixer, feed units, pellet units, premix units, and so on. Among them, feed crushing machine, mixer, feed pellet machine, premixer, and related accessories belong to the category of light feed machinery. The rest can be considered heavy feed machinery.

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Use in practice of the straw pellet machine

However, some people think that it is unscientific to divide feed machinery into a light and heavy in such a simple way. It should summarize in practical operation. For example, feed crushing machinery, mixer, feed pellet machine, premixer, etc. used for feed processing, so they should classify as processing. Cooler, dryer, classifier, elevator, cleaning equipment, etc. are feed processing machinery of sorting, which can classify feed.

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What Causes The Excessive Dust Of The Straw Pellet Machine

There are many factors that cause excessive dust in the straw pellet machine. On the one hand, the amount of material input does not match the processing capacity of the equipment itself, which makes some materials not processed in a timely manner. The solution to this situation is to control the speed and volume of the material.

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Another possibility is that the system of the straw pellet machine is aging. Which makes the machine run at a slower speed than required. In this way, the frequency of the pellets will be different. And the timely discharge of powder will cause excessive dust. In this situation, the problem can alleviate through replacing the aging machine system.

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If there is a problem with the rotor granulation system of the straw pellet machine, too much dust will cause. After the problem repaired in time, the amount of dust can control within the standard range.

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