Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery uses advanced technology to design a hammer mill. The hammer mill machine price is reasonable. This article will mainly introduce why the hammer mill is popular in the market.

Why The Hammer Mill Is Popular

The hammer mill is a common feed pulverizing processing machine. It can use to crush a variety of feed materials such as crops, straw, corn, soybeans, etc. Users can select hammers of appropriate diameter according to actual processing needs.

feed hammer mill

Hammer mill is a piece of necessary equipment for many industries in the early stage, especially in the pharmaceutical, feed, food, coatings and chemical industries. It has wide versatility, can adjust the fineness of crushing, has the advantages of high production efficiency, low energy consumption, safe use, and convenient maintenance, so it has won the favor of all walks of life.

Special Structure Of The Product

The bearing table and the fixed turret of the machine are on one plane, which shortens the length of the main shaft. So the structure is compact, the screen is easy to operate,the screen has bigger angle. We increase the powder discharge area, and the pulverization effect is good. Easy to replace.

feed hammer mill

The hammer mill has a bearing table, a fixed turret, a sieve plate, and a sieve frame. And the bearing table and the fixed turret are cast on the same plane outside the reserved hole of the lower casing shaft. The screws fix sieve frame  in the lower casing. it has a steeped shape, the circumference of which is elliptical.

How To Work Of The Machine

The hammer mill mainly relies on the impact to break the material. The material enters the hammer mill, and then the high-speed rotary hammer crush it. The crushed material obtains kinetic energy from the breaker hammer and rushes from the high-speed to the frame baffle and sieve bar at the same time. The materials collide with each other and are crushed several times. The material smaller than the gap between the screen bars is discharged from the gap. The larger material is crushed by the impact of the hammer on the sieve bar. The material is hammered. The broken material is extruded from the gap. Thereby obtaining a product of the desired particle size.

hammer mill

Why Choose A Hammer Mill

The hammer mill produced by Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery has a relatively simple structure. The main crushing process combine with the crushing chamber above the base. The crusher not only consumes less power when crushing materials but also the body. This machine can keep stable during rotation and is dust-free, and the sealing of the fuselage is also very good.

It is convenient to replace the wearing parts (hammer pieces). It is easy to carry out the safe replacement operation according to the product manual attached to the purchased feed mill. The animal feed hammer mill can perform the material once and twice. The feed material that needs to pulverize and enter the ingredient warehouse. The feed material that does not need to pulverize can directly enter into the ingredient bin of the feed machine. And then mixed and carried out other processes.

Because of its secondary pulverization characteristics, the feed ingredients can pulverize more thoroughly and delicately. And animal feeding is easier, thereby increasing the feed intake of the animals. In general, for crushing raw materials of different thicknesses, the feed pulverizing machine needs to use hammers of different specifications (the main difference is the difference in the pore size of the hammer). So as to better crush the material.

Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery as a professional hammer mill manufacturer has the advantages of advanced structure, reliable performance, low energy consumption and stable operation. Provide each customer with intimate pre-sales and after-sales professional services, from product introduction to production site and customer equipment worksite visit.